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Miami Beach Eruv Council Inc
(305) 866-3788
7055 Bonita Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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Dear Rabbis and community leaders,

I am pleased to let you know that with thanks to HaShem, your assistance and the tireless efforts of Surfside Commissioner Barry Cohen, we were able to convince the Surfside interim manager to reverse his decision and allow us to erect the PVC poles and eruv at the street endings on a temporary basis.  The emergency project was completed this afternoon, thereby restoring the eruv’s service area to 33154.

Please notify your community members that the eruv on the eastern boundary of Surfside ends at the back of the buildings on Collins Avenue, and will NOT include the beach path or hard pack until further notice.  We are working diligently to restore service to the beach path in Surfside, as well as to expand the eruv’s boundary to include the beach paths in Bal Harbour, but at this time the beach paths are not included.

Thank you all for your able assistance.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

Dear Rabbis and Community members: 

On behalf of Rabbi Weberman and the Miami Beach Eruv Council, I am pleased to send you this e-mail announcing the successful completion of the first stage of the Rohr Eruv Expansion Project. 

As you know, for many years the eruv on the eastern perimeter of Surfside and Bal Harbour only extended to the walking paths along the beach for a few of the southernmost blocks of Surfside, and terminated on 90th Street.  With thanks to Hashem, a generous contribution from the Rohr Family and the efforts of our volunteers, the eruv has now been expanded to include the entirety of the walking path in Surfside up to 96th Street.  This was the first stage of our expansion, which is now complete. Rabbi Weberman has completed all inspections of the eruv, and all required financial arrangements and regulatory approvals have been obtained from the State of Florida.  Our plans are underway to complete the second phase of the project, which is intended to expand the eruv to the walking path in Bal Harbour, up to Hauolver Cut. 

Please share this information with your communities, and remind them of the importance of contributing to the Miami Beach Eruv Council.  While the expansion project was made possible by the Rohr Family’s generous contribution, the expanded scope of the eruv will increase our annual budget for inspection and maintenance of all of the eruv infrastructure throughout the greater Miami Beach and 33154 areas.  The Eruv Council currently needs to raise an additional $3,000 on an expedited basis in order to purchase a Segway to use for the weekly inspection of the eruv along the walking path in Surfside.  Please ask all of your congregants to contribute so that we can ensure the integrity of the eruv on a weekly basis.To contribute, visit: 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MAP map depicting the new coverage area of the eruv in Surfside and the surrounding areas. 

Surfside: The Eruv in Surfside now includes the walking paths along the beach.  Pushing strollers and carrying is permitted on the paths, but not beyond the path or onto the beach.   

Bal Harbour: The Eruv in Bal Harbour does not include the path along the beach. The back of the buildings form the Eruv in Bal Harbour. It is forbidden to push strollers or carry anything on this path on Shabbos. 

Thank you, 

כתיבה וחתימה טובה


We would like to emphasize that every Erev Shabbos, individuals should call the Eruv Hotline to make sure that the Eruv is operational prior to carrying on Shabbos.

The number is 305-866-ERUV (3788). The Eruv message is recorded approximately two hours prior to Candle Lighting.


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