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Miami Beach Eruv Council Inc
(305) 866-3788
7055 Bonita Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33141

Miami Beach Eruv web page:


The Eruv Council of Miami is looking to raise $10,000 to fix and improve the Eruv fixtures in our area. Please contribute generously so we can continue to enjoy the benefits of the Eruv!

Click here to contribute today!

We would like to emphasize that every Erev Shabbos, individuals should call the Eruv Hotline to make sure that the Eruv is operational prior to carrying on Shabbos.

The number is 305- 866-ERUV (3788). The Eruv message is recorded approximately two hours prior to Candlelighting.

Please note that the Eruv in both Surfside and Bal Harbour does not include the path along the beach. The back of the buildings form the Eruv in that section. It is forbidden to push strollers or carry anything on this path on Shabbos

Click here to learn more about an "Eruv" >>>

Below is an image of the Bal Harbour Eruv Map

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