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What, it’s not all about the party?? 

Join our Bat Mitzvah Club and find out what it really means…

Good Deeds. Good Friends. Good Times. The Shul offers a comprehensive program for girls in approaching Bat Mitzvah age which includes Judaism, Mitzvah Projects, and specific classes that pertain to a Bat Mitzvah girl. The Club is directed by Mrs. Dobie Rubinstein.

The Bat Mitzvah club shows girls why a Bat Mitzvah is much more than a party. Learn what it really means to be a Bat Mitzvah in the modern world.

Bat Mitzvah age girls meet three times a month for enriching and meaningful discussions about the significance of becoming a Bat Mitzvah. Club members enjoy a wide range of crafts, activities and more.

Discuss hot topics. Share you interests, goals, hopes and dreams. Express yourself!

Will you fit in?

Of course you will! You will be hanging out with girls just like you doing activities, making friends, food and conversation, you'll definitely fit right in !

Give yourself a Bat Mitzvah gift

Join the Bat Mitzvah club and give yourself the best gifts of all: Self-confidence, Jewish pride, and lasting friendships.These are the Bat Mitzvah gifts that last a lifetime. Because a Bat Mitzvah is not really about the party it's about you.


$850 for the yearly club membership.

The fee includes all lessons, crafts and materials.

We look forward to seeing you in Shul, but will require you to follow the Social Distancing guidelines and to fill out the forms below. The form must be submitted to be allowed entrance to The Shul. If you already submitted the form there is no need to do it again.



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We are so excited you chose to join our Bat Mitzvah Club 5783 at The Shul.



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