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upcoming events




Saturday July 21, 9th of Av

Mincha - 6:45pm

Stop Eating & Drinking at 8:08pm

Maariv - 9:00pm

Sephardic/Arvit - 9:10pm

Reading of Eicha - 9:15pm

Sephardic/Reading of Echa - 9:30pm

Class on Midrash Eicha with Rabbi Dov Schochet - 10:00pm


Sunday, July 22, 10th of Av

Shacharis - 9:00am (No Tallis & Tefillin)

Sephrdic/Shacharit – 9:00am (No Tallit/Tefillin)

Reading of Kinos - 10:00am

Sephardic/Reading of Kinot – 10:00am

Women’s Unity Event in the Social Hall - Guest Speakers - 11:00am

“Underground Secrets of The Temple Mount” - Rabbi Avraham Stolik - 12:30pm

In the Main Sanctuary (for Men and Women)

Conclusion of Shacharis and Early Mincha (With Tallis & Tefillin) - 1:45pm

Conclusion of Shacharis and Mincha - 7:40pm (With Tallis & Teffilin) - followed by Chitas

Sephardic/Mincha - With Tefillin, Torah reading and Kohanim – 7:30pm

Sephrdic/Maariv - 8:20pm

Maariv - 8:39pm

Fast Ends - 8:39pm


Light refreshments will be served to break the fast

Sun, July 22 2018 10 Av 5778