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Dear Community Family,


Shma Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad 

And you shall love the L-rd your G-d with all your thoughts, feelings and urges, with your life and with all your resources……And you shall teach the words of Torah diligently to your children/students.


Imbedded in the most important statement of the Torah/Judaism is the obligation to teach Torah to Jewish children. The obligation rests primarily on the Father but when circumstances are such that the Father can’t, won’t or is not there to fulfill this foundational obligation it becomes the collective responsibility of the community to educate that Jewish child.

The priority of this Tzedakah in relation to other charitable causes is of the highest level.  Trumping most other legitimate needs (Code of Jewish Law – Laws of Tzedakah 249:16).  “Jewish education today,” says the Rebbe, “is not only to save a Jewish Child for Jewishness but to save a human for humanity”.  The social lifestyle in today’s world of our children from primary school through college is very precarious and fraught with dangers. There are no limits and the extent of fulfilling the simple animalistic desires that are at the base of our beings are ever increasing in their “avant garde”, beyond-boundaries lifestyle.

When statistics show that a very high, unacceptable percentage of our teenagers are afflicted by either 1) suicidal thoughts; 2) cutting one’s own body; 3) eating disorder i.e. bulimia /anorexia; 4) depression, it sends a shudder through me. 25% of our teenagers are at risk of being emotionally unstable. And what about other types of debilitating behavior not considered by the liberal researchers as risky i.e., teenage sexual encounters, body mutilation, etc. pregnancy and abuse, hopelessness and impudence/chutzpah and a strong malady of desensitization. We are in a crisis that is targeting our future – our most important commodity – our children.

Because of severe economic setbacks and downturns and unaffordable tuition fees, many families cannot afford to pay the tuition for their children’s ongoing Jewish education and environment. When the parents cannot fulfill this sacred duty it becomes the Mitzvah of the Community (Talmud Baba Basra 21:A Shulchan Aruch Harav Laws of Talmud Torah  Ch. 1:3)

Every year we make an appeal during this period for tuition assistance. Last year, we provided Hebrew School to more than 103 children in public school, subsidized the tuition of 63 children in private Jewish schools and provided assistance to 26 children in summer camp.

If one saves a single soul (albeit spiritually) it is as if he saved an entire world.

We beseech you, our wonderful community, to continue our legendary generosity though this may require an extra effort today and may even be a sacrifice. The Mitzvah you will earn will surely bring you all of Hashem's bountiful blessings materially and spiritually.

Thank you on behalf of those parents and children to whom you will graciously give life-enhancing assistance and on behalf of Hashem whose children you are caring for. When we care for Hashem's children, He cares for ours.

With gratitude, love and esteem,


Sholom D. Lipskar



Thank you!

Sun, January 29 2023 7 Shevat 5783