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Contact Information for CONCERNS/complaints during construction

We appreciate your patience during our construction. If you have any concerns or complaints please contact

Yankie Andrusier at or 347-723-2731.





OCTOBER, 2020 


aerial view MARCH, 2020 


aerial view February, 2020 


aerial view November 26, 2019 


aerial view September 27, 2019 


aerial view July 4, 2019 


aerial view June 3, 2019 


aerial view May 17, 2019 


aerial view April 19, 2019 


aerial view march 29, 2019 (2nd floor)


aerial view march 22, 2019 (2nd floor)


aerial view FEBRUARY 12, 2019


aerial view January 4, 2019


aerial view November 30, 2018


aerial view November 22, 2018


Update September 17

We continue to work to complete the foundation work.
Form work for the first elevated deck began on top of the first slab on grade. The second slab on grade plumbing underground was completed on 9/12. The back fill and grading began on 9/12 and the form work, waterproofing and rebar installation will continue thru 9/27. The second slab on grade is scheduled to pour on 9/28. Columns and shear walls at the second slab on grade are scheduled to be poured October 4th.
Elevator #2 continues, the rebar will be installed 9/17-9/21 and the concrete will be poured 9/21. We will begin demobilizing the dewatering system the week of October 1st.
Excavation of the foundations at the north east portion of the school is also scheduled to begin the week of October 1st.


aerial view May 30, 2018


aerial view april 17, 2018

aerial view April 10, 2018

Aerial View January 17, 2018

Aerial View October 18, 2017

Aerial View


8/12/17 working day and night

6/27/17 Deck Demolition complete

Construction Update 6/21/17The deck is coming down!! 


Construction update 7/19/2018

Foundation work continues specifically with respect to water proofing and rebar caging.

Our two contractors, plan to avoid any more weather related delays by working through the waterproofing of the underground structures. Our Consultant, Steven Feller approved the lift stations and control stations so we are moving in the right direction. Although there were no recent concrete pours, we did make significant progress in getting the elevator pits completed with the proper rebar, water proofing, and pump locations. We also hired a consultant to provide us with a clash detection 3d model of the structural and MEP layouts so that we have the necessary information on the column layouts.

team continues to buyout the remainder of the project and is considering mechanical proposals, door and hardware proposals, and windows / glazing proposals.SchmidThe

of Speedy Permits on handling the permit drawing submissions to the city of Surfside. We did receive notice that the electrical was rejected and will address that.WokenfieldOn a weekly basis, the Architect and the GC continue to discuss and address any concerns as far as RFI’s, new drawings, sketched coordinated drawings, and submittals. We continue to work with Susan

In the next few weeks, there will be a lot of action regarding the piles (chip, removal ,forming, caps, and so on!) and we will of course keep you updated.

If you have any questions regarding the construction process, please don’t hesitate to contact

Maurice Egozi (786-280-1923), Mitch Feldman (786-556-5425) or Yankie Andrusier (347-723-2731).


Construction update 6/27/2018

Over the past few weeks, we have been quite aware of the weather especially when the rains were incessant. When it wasn’t pouring, we made great progress with inspections and with the concrete pouring. We also took steps to avoid future weather-related delays through the waterproofing of the underground structures, a process coordinated by Royal Plumbing with two of our subcontractors, JLK and H&M, and focused on the lift stations and control structures.

H&M and JLK are also part of the team who work on the water proofing and rebar caging. That field work is progressing nicely. Our Construction Company is focused on purchasing the necessary materials and products for the remainder of the project. We are working with our Architect to answer all questions from potential vendors and subcontractors and are currently considering mechanical proposals, door and hardware proposals, and windows / glazing proposals.

And now for some nitty gritty details on those pile caps:

Optimus has reviewed all the rebar submittals, and together with H&M, will ensure that all the submittals reflect the most current drawing revisions.

This week, 90 yards of the foundation pile caps and grade beams were poured. The elevator pits will be completed with the proper water proofing and sump locations.

Our Contractor determined that information was missing on column layouts and generated 6 Requests For Information (RFI). These requests are a partnering tool to resolve these “gaps, conflicts or subtle ambiguities during the bidding process or early in the construction process to eliminate the need for costly corrective measures.”. Optimus and our Architect are involved in addressing this issue and they will get the necessary information for column layouts to the Schmid team from this point forward.

Coordination is very critical in a project such as the Shul Building, and we have instituted weekly calls between the Architect and the GC to address any concerns as far as RFI’s, new drawings, sketched coordinated drawings, and submittals.

Susan Wokenfield of Speedy Permits is handling the permit drawing submissions to the city of Surfside, and Schapiro has a new submission for the city to address the reviewer’s comments.


Note to Members/Community 5/19/17:

The Shul garage will be closed to the community Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Transponders will not be active during those times.

CEC has implemented new drop-off and pick-off policies and procedures. If you are a CEC parent please contact the CEC office with any questions.

Community Members may park in The Shul’s North lot while it remains open for the next couple weeks. If the lot is closed or full, please find alternative public parking. If you are a Surfside resident, you may obtain a Surfside Resident parking permit which allows for free parking. (


Update - May 12, 2017

The North Lot remains open but will permanently close shortly.

Construction in the The Shul garage has begun further limiting available parking spaces.

New policies and procedures for CEC Pre-School drop-off and pick-up will begin on Monday, May 15th. 


Update - May 1, 2017

A new entry/exit is be constructed for The Shul garage. The garage will have very limited space shortly. Please plan accordingly.


Important Notice April 24, 2017

The North Lot Parking will permanently close on Tuesday, May 9th. Please plan appropriately.


new building construction updates

The New Building

Construction Has Begun! 


April 7, 2017 / 11 Nissan 5777

On the Rebbi's birthday (and my Dad's) we move into the future with the execution of the expansion building construction contract!!!

- Mitch Feldman, Shul President




Our Community. Our Future. Our Family.



Over the past 35 years, we've accomplished a lot together.

When Rabbi Sholom & Rebbetzin Chani Lipskar moved to South Florida in the late 1960s with the blessing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, there were hardly any Jews in Bal Harbour and Greater Miami had little Jewish religious activity. Today, 40% of Surfside and Bal Harbour are Jewish families and the Shul hosts multiple daily Minyanim, Torah classes, and programs for Youth, Families and Seniors as well as a beautiful Montessori Pre-School.


We're excited for this next era of growth. Our expanded building will allow us to grow every aspect of our operations; our impact, our devotion, our care for others, our engagement with every Jew in 33154, and ultimately allow us to grow our future generation’s

Jewish involvement and continuity.

The expansion will include a new and larger Pre-School, new Youth lounge and study areas, new Sephardic Sanctuary, new Women's lounge, new Men's club, roof terrace, new offices and a beautiful new and larger Social Hall for community and life celebrations.

Please check back here regularly for updates on the new building, dates for our groundbreaking and dedication opportunities.

When Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar started The Shul over three decades ago, he began with a simple mission: To fulfill The Rebbe’s directive to assist the Jewish Community in their growth and spread the light and joy of Judaism. With our expanded building, we take the next step in our pursuit of continuous growth. Together, as a community, GROW!

Our Two Slogans; “Over The Top” “Get It Done” Continues To Grow.

 Expansion Exterior

New & Expanded Social Hall

 New Expanded Pre-school

Sun, April 18 2021 6 Iyyar 5781